Day 1

The Art of Longevity and Self-Healing

Day 1: Dec. 28, 2016

We are distilling ancient secrets of self-healing. How to stop getting sick once and for all. How easily to heal yourself and help the closest ones

Altai yoga. Complex called as "Through Channels and Meridians" for healing of the internal organs

Virtuous herbs for health improvement of the body

Shamanic massage – removing blocking, suppression and fatigue

Bonus: Shamanic facial massage – removing the mask of the foretime. Rejuvenation by 10 years

Ancient art of nutrition – impact of products on the speed of making decisions, on the activity of emotion, special strengthening diets

Gjud sessions will help improve and rejuvenate your whole body just in 10-15 minutes a day. Japanese method of total relaxation

Introduction into the most important knowledge on the Earth: release from all the problems using the sans-beat. Be always at your best, protection against all obstacles in the path


Day 01: Arrive Chennai - Mahabalipuram (Room on Hold / 60 Km – 1 Hr) / 28 December 2016

Arrive by International flight, after traditional 'Swagat' (Welcome) our representative would assist you at airport & transfer to hotel for check in. Today Tourist can arrive Chennai Airport any time after 11 AM on 28 December.

Mahabalipuram is world renowned for its beautiful Shore Temple & other temples. It was once the main port & naval base of the great Pallava kingdom & was later made the capital of this dynasty. Most of the temples here are dedicated to Lord Shiva & Vishnu. These structures were built by three successive Pallava Kings, between 630 A.D & 728 A.D, who developed the Dravidian style of temple architecture within the short span of a hundred years. The monuments are mostly rock-cut & monolithic, constitute the early stages of Dravidian architecture, wherein Buddhist elements of design are prominently visible. It is known especially for its rathas (temples in form of chariots), mandapas (cave sanctuaries) & giant open-air bas-reliefs & has been classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Overnight Hotel – Mahabalipuram