Day 4

Celebration of the New Year

Day 4 : Dec 31, 2016

Ability to remain silent and ability to speak in time will reveal your attractiveness, charm, attract wealth and success to your life

The ancient knowledge of the art of gratitude will add many surprises and pleasant gifts to your life

Art of paying and taking complements

Mystery of Make-up. Special gift for women

Gala concert on the New Year's Eve – top of the Orphic art, magic of making dreams a reality!

Art of the Sans-Theater. It will help lay a strong program for the whole

Practice of creation of objective toys and decoration of the New Year's tree according to the ancient traditions

Fortunetelling ritual using the shamanic mandala on the New Year's Eve – explore your future!

Ritual of mate drinking intended to carry out wishes

The most powerful ritual intended to attract luck on the New Year's Eve. Trance intended to release from burden of the last year and find a good fate


Day 04: Mahabalipuram Sightseeing / 31 December 2016

Post breakfast, we will proceed for the local sightseeing of Mahabalipuram, visiting Shore Temple, one of the oldest temples in South India. It belongs to the 7th Century AD & is a good example of the first phase of the structure of temples constructed in the Dravidian style. Designed to catch the first rays of the rising sun & to illuminate the waters after dark, the temple ended up with an unusual lay-out. Arjuna's Penance is the world's largest bas-relief. This huge whale-back shaped rock contains figures of gods, demigods, men, beasts, birds. Next we visit Rathas, monolithic temples fashioned as chariots.

They remain an architectural mystery, for each is apparently a faithful reproduction of a structure built of wood. In fact, even the grain of the timber beams & rafters has been simulated in stone. Of the eight Rathas, five have been named for the Pandava brothers, the heroes of the epic Mahabharata.

Overnight Hotel – Mahabalipuram