March 13-18


Journey to the source of feminine power





❖ RITUAL TO CURE FROM 7 WORST DISEASES OF OUR CIVILIZATION: cancer, hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis, neurological disorders, stresses, gynecological and urological disorders, spinal and joint diseases. You will learn how shamans used to chase away spirits of illnesses and will be able to get cured from them, to protect yourself and our lineage with the help of rituals and prayers to the spirits of the Place of Power.

❖ UNITY WITH CHOKTAL GODDESS is an ancient shaman ritual that fills you with the energy of fire to gain immense power and to solve all complicated life situations.

❖ RITUAL ‘SACRIFICE’: a shaman will tell you what sacrifices the spirits need to fulfill all your wishes. Specific mysteries will reveal the depths of your memory and will endow you with a special gift of ancient shamans – a prophecy that will help you to influence your fate in future, to obtain harmonic relations with nature and family happiness, to become successful, young and beautiful.

❖ MYSTERY OF FINDING A SPIRIT. CONNECTION WITH MAGIC AMULETS: a lot of magic items of Power, some of them bring wealth or help to defeat enemies, others cure from diseases or create harmonic relations with your beloved ones, you will be able to get them there and to find a spirit that has been awaited you for so long.

❖ CLEANSING OF YOUR RELATIONS FROM CONFLICTS AND ARGUES: liberation from the spirit of loneliness and misunderstanding in a family. You will be endowed the power to protect yourself and your close people. Bring with you the photos of your relatives, beloved ones or children. The power of beauty of fields and meadows in the Place of Power will awaken your youth, passion and sensuality.

❖ INDIVIDUAL RITUAL will help you to gain Power and to get closer to your dream much faster. Individual rituals will be performed by the most powerful shamans, healers, mages and clairvoyants who see through you and are able to show you the right way. And what’s most important they will help you to get rid of all obstacles in your life. You may contact us to find out beforehand which ritual you personally need.

❖ SHAMAN ANCIENT COMMANDMENTS OF SUCCESS AND WEALTH is a ritual in the valley of spirits. Karmic cleansing from poverty. Protection and strengthening of your business and financial success. Awakening of personal power and attraction of the spirit of wealth.

❖ LIBERATION OF THE SUPREME SELF: the labyrinth of suffering where the soul is kept right from its birth forgetting of its real self. We have a lot of resources inside us that we spend on fighting ourselves. Liberation of the supreme self from masks and roles that prevent us from being free. Revelation of the resources of creation and unity with the white shaman’s ideas. In the most powerful shaman ritual of saving the planet we will obtain the protection and the patronage of the most powerful lake in the world. That patronage will help us to unite ourselves with the power of Spirits and Gods. We will ask lake’s blessing to guard our planet, our lineage and our undertakings.

To make the ritual as effective as possible, you will need Objects of power!

These are artifacts that protect against negative energy, envy, poverty, disease, conflict, quarrels, and accidents. They help in love and affairs, give a powerful energetical protection to your family and your home.

To select the right Object of Power just for you, let our tutors carry out diagnostics. This can be done right during the retreat or in your own country if you are lucky to visit our coach’s seminar in your city.

Each participant of the SHAMAN TOUR will receive a gift

Helen, UK:
“I'm going to attend all the pyramid workshops! This is an incredible ritual! I visited a similar ritual. And you know what's amazing? After that, my career rapidly went up - I became the director of the branch! I have already booked a place for the November retreat in Egypt. I hope there will be a lot of people and we can wake up the Great Pyramid! I will invite all my friends to join me! ”

Paulina, Spain:
“I really dream of going to retreats in Egypt and Mexico! In general, I have a goal to visit all the retreats associated with the pyramids. Because they do work! I got pregnant, although the doctors said I was infertile! During the retreat, I asked the Universe not only happiness for all people, but also the baby. And then it happened! ”

Darina, USA:
“I think it will be awesome! I know people who attended such events. For example, my sister. After a retreat, she had a big change in her life - she met a very worthy man, and they got married. Something else has changed too – now my sister lives in Australia. Her husband is from there)) So I'm sure - the ritual will help not only our planet, but also to all of us! I look forward to it! ”

Our shaman journey is a prayer for every living being, for life without wars and diseases, for human happiness, for our children and beloved ones. We will be praying for the salvation of all the creatures on our planet as Gods used to do. We will be dissolving into the divine power of love. And the more the magic power we awaken inside ourselves the bigger the changes will happen to our families and to our inner world! Together we will make this world better!

We will set out on a wonderful and adventurous journey to a sacred enigmatic wildlife place.

In this shaman journey you will be accompanied and taught by the most powerful shamans, healers and clairvoyants – PEOPLE OF POWER renown in many counties. By just being beside them you change your destiny and the destiny of your lineage. They’ve healed thousand hundreds of people on the territory of the Americas, Europe, Greece, Brazil, the Netherlands, Egypt, Russia and others.


Tour Package 1.

  • The seminar program
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • 2 group rituals
  • Object of power (1st level)

Tour Package 2.

  • The seminar program
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • 4 group rituals
  • Object of power (1st level)
  • Individual session

VIP Tour Package 3.

  • The seminar program
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • 4 group rituals
  • VIP ritual
  • VIP object
  • Individual assistance

Bonuses and discounts:
Prepayment 500 euro and receive the GIFT (amulet and shamanic reading in your city)
Special Offer: Invite a friend and get 150 euro BONUS OR DISCOUNT!

Registration is open until February, 1st 2020

For more details and to register:
Whatsapp: +90 542 888 8301
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This is how our retreats and seminars are:

To prepare for the SHAMAN TOUR, we recommend undergoing individual practices with our tutors.